Walmart GTA Portal is the global time and attendance (GTA) portal for Walmart employees. The portal allows Walmart employees to quickly log in and out. Onewalmart GTA Portal, your timestamp details will be saved in Walmart hub at check-in or check-out. Thus, Walmart can access the attendance data of its employees.


Check Out The Benefits Of The Portal

GTA Portal Walmart Online Account has many advantages. Some of them are:

  • It is company policy that employees can come and go at any time.
  • To check in or out of the office, employees do not need to be at their desks at specific times.
  • Faster processing thanks to synchronous synchronization.
  • Synchronization gives you a better picture of employee attendance and working hours.
  • A good example is the ability to configure alerts for instant notification of rule violations.
  • Access to the portal is secure and accessible only to authorized personnel (eg administrators).
  • The platform is proving to be an effective way of distributing tasks to the right people at the right time.
  • Accurate information allows managers to identify trends that may occur during business hours.
  • At Walmart, a secure portal where Walmart employees can register and receive great benefits. The benefits are listed below.
  • Complete support information.
  • With this portal, employees can easily log in and out.
  • PTO – access to information on paid leave
  • Review of work schedule information
  • ETA Information – Electronic Time Adjustment
  • Health and wellness information
  • Employees do not need to be at the workplace to enter and leave.
  • Work assignment makes Walmart easier for its employees
  • Managers get comprehensive information about their employees to enter working hours.
  • LOA – Leave information

The portal is secure and provides secure access to the Walmart GTA portal. Once you are authorized to enjoy the Walmart GTA portal, let’s discuss how to log into the Walmart GTA portal at

Now let’s start the process of connecting to the GTA Walmart portal, but first. Let me tell you about some credentials required for the Walmart GTA portal login process.